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Module VDQ100

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  • Sử dụng công nghệ lọc nước CDI
  • Có khả năng giữ khoáng và các chất điện giải
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CDI - technology
latest water filter
Low power
Reputable warranty

CDI 100GPD module is one of the exclusive products at Vietdream, which is applied in water purifier products and large capacity water purification systems.

CDI advantages:

  • Up to 90% water recovery rate
  • Capable of keeping and regulating micro-minerals beneficial to health
  • Removes harmful substances and dangerous heavy metals
  • The filter element can be used with a variety of different water sources
  • Ultra-durable filter core, life time up to over 5 years

Applications of CDI:

  • Applications for brackish water desalination
  • Water purifier for household

CDI technology:

  • Capacitive deionization (CDI) is a technology to deionize water by applying an electrical potential difference over two electrodes, which are often made of porous carbon. In other words, CDI is an electro-sorption method using a combination of a sorption media and an electrical field to separate ions and charged particles. Anions, ions with a negative charge, are removed from the water and are stored in the positively polarized electrode. Likewise, cations (positive charge) are stored in the cathode, which is the negatively polarized electrode.
  • Today, CDI is mainly used for the desalination of brackish water, which is water with a low or moderate salt concentration (below 10 g/L). Other technologies for the deionization of water are, amongst others, distillationreverse osmosis and electrodialysis. Compared to reverse osmosis and distillation, CDI is considered to be an energy-efficient technology for brackish water desalination. This is mainly because CDI removes the salt ions from the water, while the other technologies extract the water from the salt solution.
  • Historically, CDI has been referred to as electrochemical demineralization, “electrosorb process for desalination of water”, or electrosorption of salt ions. It also goes by the names of capacitive desalination, or in the commercial literature as “CapDI”.

218 mm




91 mm


1.8~2.2 kg

Input size

Φ6 quick fitting

Output size

Φ6 quick fitting

Electrode size

Titanium – M6